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Die Bewegung 3

von Gerald Dobernig

Our movement is an association of self-determined and motivated people. We have made it our goal to pool our strengths, create awareness, and also actively participate in shaping our future.

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A movement ...
Responsibility Earth is neither a party nor an association or a club. We are people who feel that change is necessary on both a small and a large scale - and therefore we want to set impulses with united forces. We want to point out, live and test alternatives, and thus set sustainable change in society in motion. Therefore we like to refer to ourselves as a MOVEMENT.

... with  the  free  mandate as a principle,
Since we as a movement have recognized that a lot is going wrong in the world - and we are looking for alternatives - it is inevitable that we cannot all be of the same opinion. Even though we all grew up in the same structures, each and every one of us can rethink the world with different approaches. In our community there is room for many different approaches that can be tested through our actions and reflected upon through joint discussions. Everyone who pursues the same goal as us and wants to participate in the change is welcome to get involved and expand the existing movement through their way of thinking.

... which acts as a flat circle
Because we do not refer to defined statutes or the like, our movement is very flexible and dynamic. There is no defined hierarchy, nor is there an everlasting number of Earthlings who are part of our community. We see ourselves as a flat circle without a boss and management. Every person - wants to take the responsibility - is welcome, to speak with hisn contribute concern the change. Every opinion and every voice has the same value for us, which we as a community accept with gratitude.

... and is active inside and outside the parliaments.
We have come together to work in a wide variety of areas. We believe that many of the solutions to the challenges of our time come from the people themselves. That is why some of our active Earthlings get involved especially outside the parliaments by creating awareness through lectures, discussion evenings and the like. In addition, there is a lot of practical work going on outside the parliaments - such as the implementation of the "Edible City" and the establishment of alternative structures such as the ERDE * free space. On the other hand, we also work in parliaments, which for us represent a special tool and a platform for our concerns. Here we give the movement a voice and feed the ruling system with possible solutions in order to implement them on a structural level.